How To Navigate the Decisions Involved When Choosing a Hardwood Floor

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With so many options available in hardwood flooring these days, the decision on which hardwood floor to choose is not an easy one or one that should be taken lightly.  Hardwood flooring is not only an investment and attractive to buyers when selling your home, but it’s also a beautiful floor to live on.  And if you have floors you love, as mentioned in a recent digital article by The New York Times, How Hard Can It Be to Choose a Hardwood Floor, “walking across them can be a daily pleasure.”

White Oak HerringboneFrom choosing wood species, such as White Oak floors, to selecting installation patterns and all the decisions in between, this article may provide helpful insights into your hardwood flooring selection process.  Many decisions will be based on personal preference such as color, whereas determining whether to use solid or engineered wood flooring is based on many factors including humidity levels in the space.

Interested in learning more?  Read the entire article posted in The New York Times Real Estate section, click here.

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