Reclaimed Wood Flooring

An introduction to the world of reclaimed wood flooring.

For home and business owners who want to infuse an interior space with character and style, reclaimed wood flooring provides a highly distinctive appearance. From reclaimed Heart Pine to Chestnut and Oak floors, these antique surfaces provide a rich warmth and unique personality that only time can create.

In this brief introduction to reclaimed wood flooring, we’ll provide a brief overview of what rustic hardwood flooring is all about, including answers to frequently asked questions, and detail the reclaimed wood flooring options available from Carlisle Wide Plank floors.

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A range of reclaimed wood flooring options from Carlisle.

Carlisle is the most requested supplier of reclaimed wood flooring in North America, offering a variety of reclaimed options.

  • Reclaimed Chestnut flooring is prized for its rarity as well as its beauty, featuring prominent Chestnut grain and rich colors that range from light brown to darker cocoa.
  • Reclaimed Oak is known for its strong, prominent grain pattern and color variations that range from blonde to nutty brown. Worm holes, cracks, checks, knots and nail holes add character and history.
  • Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring offers a rich color palette and strong grain, infusing any space with warmth and personality. Carlisle’s proprietary grading enables reclaimed Pine floors to be ordered with more or less character to achieve a specific look.
  • Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring possesses more character than just about any other wood floor. Made from structural floor joists and old floorboards, this reclaimed wood flooring option has more knots, nail holes, texture variations and even bullet holes that give it a highly unique personality.
  • Reclaimed Milled Barnwood has a unique rustic charm and features floorboards that have been re-sawn and milled from planks salvaged from the exterior or interior of old barns.
  • Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood is salvaged from walls and ceilings of old barns around northern New England and the Canadian border. With a weathered, rustic look and texture, these planks are left un-sanded and are intended for wall and ceiling paneling rather than flooring surfaces.
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Carlisle: the leading North American provider of reclaimed wood flooring.

For more than 50 years, the Carlisle name has been associated with leadership, innovation and tradition in quality wood floors. Today our one-of-a-kind wood floors are found in museums, trendy retail stores, upscale restaurants and exceptional homes everywhere.

We are also the most requested supplier of reclaimed wood flooring in North America. Our reputation as one of the finest providers of wide plank floors is built on two things: the quality of our craftsmanship and the excellence of our customer service.

Every Carlisle floor is handcrafted to meet the exact specifications and to reflect the unique aesthetic of the homeowner or business owner. Our skilled craftsmen painstakingly examine every plank to make sure it is the right fit for your floor and that every detail meets your expectations. A Carlisle floor is truly a masterpiece – a defining feature of your home or business that will amaze and delight you every time you cross the threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wide plank reclaimed wood flooring?

Wide plank flooring uses floorboards that are much wider than standard commercial flooring – typically 8″ to 20″ wide and up to 12′ long. The wider boards allow the personality of the wood to emerge and create a less busy and more spacious look within a room. Most reclaimed wood flooring is inherently wide plank flooring, as the original timbers were cut in wide dimensions.

What’s the difference between distressed wood flooring and reclaimed wood flooring?

A distressed floor is made from new unfinished flooring that is treated or textured to achieve the appearance of a floor that has been worn down by age and foot traffic. Reclaimed wood flooring actually uses floorboards that are decades or centuries old.

What’s the difference between antique, barnwood and reclaimed wood flooring?

Reclaimed barnwood flooring specifically uses floorboards that are cut from the original floors, siding or timbers of old barns. These boards are typically more weathered and worn, giving the wood a more distinct appearance. Antique flooring is simply another name for reclaimed wood flooring.

What are the benefits of reclaimed wood flooring?

Reclaimed wood flooring immediately adds character to any home or business space. Even walking on a reclaimed floor feels different – you can almost feel the history resonate beneath your feet – and living on a reclaimed wood flooring infuses home life with a sense of rich, warm comfort.

What is reclaimed wood flooring?

Reclaimed wood flooring is hardwood floors that have been made from timbers salvaged from old buildings, factories and farms before they are demolished. Reclaimed wood flooring may use floorboards that are cut from thicker factory timbers, from the exterior siding of a barn or from the joists that supported the stories of an old building. Consequently, reclaimed wood flooring is typically full of nail holes, original saw marks, unusual color variations and cracks and splits that give these floorboards a unique appearance and a connection to a bygone era